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Here's Phil from FL and Colton from AZ, chatting on the trail while HikingDude from MN snaps the shot.
It's pretty cool how folks from all over can meet on the trail in an environment that pretty much equalizes social standings. It doesn't much matter where you're from, what you do, what hip clothes you wear, or how important you are in the 'real' world - out here you just hike and prove to yourself what you are capable of doing.
Phil is out there chugging along. I hope I run into him again after my rest in Tucson. And, I wonder what other characters will show up on the trail. Remember, if you're along the AZ Trail you can come out and join me hiking for an hour, day, or more.
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 Mar 27, 2012 - Mom
Found out you were capable of eating a Big Mac at Mickey Ds.  Never thought you would do that. Karl had one today to join you.

Glad you are taking a rest.

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