Pacific Crest Trail


My Pacific Crest Trail Hike

  I hope to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in coming years. It strikes me as being the most scenic of the trails. I'd love to share the adventure with another person, rather than hiking it alone. Interested? Give me a holler.


Pacific Crest Trail Statistics

StatesCalifornia, Oregon, Washington
Distance2650 miles - trail reroutes happen so this is an estimate of the trail length.
When I complete the trail, I'll let you know how many steps it took me since I'll wear a pedometer the distance.
Total ElevationEstimates vary widely depending on the elevation sampling sizes taken, but the generally accepted number is around 450,000 feet gained over the length of the trail. This is the accumulated elevation from climbing up to passes and ridges and down to valleys and streams.
TerminusSouth: Campo, CA on Mexican border
North: Manning Park, British Columbia
Highest Point13153ft at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada
Lowest Point180ft at Bridge of the Gods on Oregon-Washington border

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TerrainDesert with high daily temperatures and low night temperature in southern California. Very high altitudes in the Sierra Nevada. Generally considered the most scenic of the national scenic trails. Well-marked trail the entire length. Most extreme elevation range of all the National Scenic Trails.
HistoryDesignated into the National Trails System in 1968 and declared 100% complete in 1993.
ChallengesDeep snow in Sierra Nevada. Turbulent water crossings. High altitude sickness. Lightning storms. Incessant rain through Washington for the end of the northbound trek.
Time WindowEnd of April, beginning of May. Too early and deep snow in the Sierras, too late and snow in Washington. Most start around April 25, northbound.
Time to Hikerecord set in 2011 is 64 days by Scott Williamson. Typically takes 140-180 days.
PermitsThru-Permit required for hikes longer than 500 miles. See PCTA. Shorter hikes require permits in wilderness areas, national parks, and other restricted areas.
Thru-hiker TallyPCTA registry of names that have been sumitted, certainly not a complete listing.
From 2011 back to 2006, totals are: 117, 187, 76, 81, 84, 132


Trail Links

Google EarthView Trail with google earth
Full Maps
AgenciesPacific Crest Trail Association

Land Managers and Partners of the Appalachian Trail

Forest Service
National Park Service
Bureau of Land Management
California State Parks

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